Friday, February 22, 2013

Q the Time Traveler

One hour later and we're not quite to the street.
Wednesday, three rounds of snow were only the prequel to snowstorm "Q."  Thursday while we slept Q arrived dumping 3" before we woke up.  I was more than willing to watch the snow accumulate from my bed or the living room with a roaring fireplace, but Jack insisted on going to work, even though his retirement date is Feb. 28!  Once he began shoveling, I decided that two people worked better than one when it comes to shoveling snow.  I had had some experience with shoveling the day before, easy!

In reflection, another thirty hours later, shoveling snow of any depth is no easy task.

Just love those cardinals in the snow.

While Jack spent his day at work, I spent my day feeding and watching the birds.  How fun just to pull up a chair to the window and smile with delight watching and listening to their chattering interaction.
Just wait, I know she'll feed us if we look hungry.

Running took effort for Lucy.
Q being a time traveler or interloper from the Star Trek movies lived up to his reputation.  Three rounds of snow throughout the day kept me busy relaxing, reading, watching the snow accumulate. However, cabin fever raged inside our cattle dog, Lucy.  Being the good "cow" in the family, I bundled up and jumped into the snow letting her pretend to protect me from those vicious birds and gnarly squirrels.

The yardstick measured nearly 15" and that was before the last round of Q after 3:00 Thursday, but who's counting after that.

By the time Jack walked in from work, I offered him a toasty drink in the Adirondacks in the backyard, our favorite evening retreat in warmer weather, but instead we stood in awe of what nature had given us--another perfect day.


  1. Oh!!! I love your creativity!!! How lovely. Again, we share another interest--a love of the our door life, birds, and animals. Thanks sooo much. HS

  2. Good pictures, I like the bird pictures. pl

  3. Ahhhhh, I love to watch it snow, but shoveling.......hmmmm, that's another story indeed!!! I love the cardinal picture...such pretty color with the snow contrast...they brighten up any day, don't they? Last year we had a family of cardinals at our feeder, but I haven't seen them this year. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and with your descriptive writing, I enjoyed your snow without me having to shovel. hs