Friday, November 18, 2022

Seen Art ?

 I have spent many hours, but never enough time, looking for art in our world. My favorite book to express art is called SEEN ART by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. Each time I read it to myself my mind goes on its own path of remembering and finding art in my life. 

The National Wallace Monument was built in Scotland between 1861-1869 to commemorate William Wallace, who defeated the English on September 11, 1297. To the Scots he would become a hero. To his enemies he was an outlaw, a murderer, and a traitor.  The Victorian Gothic style design features crown spire, turrets, and gun loops, and the statue of William Wallace.  

Why is this art? In my own terms because the castle shares a deeper meaning of man and humanity. It tells the story of light and dark through its structure, its origins, in contrast with the beauty of the landscape surrounding it. The statue of William Wallace represents man's struggle against man. 

Seattle offers an outside art museum near the heart of downtown.(Olympic Sculpture Park)  What a treat to sip on hot tea while strolling through a landscape of art. On one of our trips to Seattle we toured  many places filling our eyes with deas, my camera with images, and our stomachs with tasty delights until we simply ran out of daylight.  

Seattle's Space Needle can be seen from so many perspectives. I thought this one was most unique. 

We don't have to travel far to see art. Simply taking a moment to enjoy the leaves changing colors and falling from the sky is moment enough to feel art. 

Jack Chapman, artist, on display at The Resonator 
On an evening Art Walk stroll in downtown Norman, Oklahoma I spied a wall full of art in the Resonator.  I couldn't take my eyes off this collage sculpture. The dice can be found in one of our game drawers, the Japanese fan in my golf bag to use on hot days, the ribbons in a box a decorations, the fake pearls in strings in my art bag from the days of puppetry. The shoe. It's the shoe I don't own. I think it belongs to Cinderella's wicked step-mother. Then again if I owned that shoe would  my mind and hands put these items together to give people a chance to stop, think, imagine, and smile or would I be wicked?

Will Rogers portrait painted by Mike Wimmer, shown in the Will Rogers Museum. 

"A man only learns by two things," Will Rogers said, "One is reading, and the other is association with smarter people." I see the painting as rendering the personality of Will Rogers and the space he filled on our Oklahoma prairie. I often think of Rogers' ability to entertain and communicate with everyman as the real art behind this picture. After all Will Rogers was highly talented, click here to view his skills with the rope: Will Rogers--The Ropin's Fool.

My sister-in-law, Vreni, has shown me over the years how to find art in very day life. Her art walks during COVID captured my imagination and taught me to look deeper into even the smallest of objects. 

Sometimes art is right before your eyes 

There may be a fool born every minute but I'm not one of them. The other day I actually found Art, not where he usually is, but under a tree.

Art, what are you doing under that tree instead of playing down the fairway, where I usually see you? 

Perhaps, Bucchianeri was correct when he said, "Art is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpretation."

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow
by guest writer and cat owner
Joyce Bump Milliser, MHS Wardog Class of 1965

Daylight Savings Time! What does that even mean? Can we scoop up time and put it in a bottle to use whenever we want more of it? Let me know if you find that secret.
The Town Cryer on top of little brother Soxs.

I have a cat! Enough said for some of you. Max (aka The Town Cryer) obviously didn’t receive notice of our little yearly change. He went right on meowing this morning at his usual time…5:30. He didn’t have a clue that my clock NOW said 4:30! I tried to put him off. He ignored my effort. So at 5:55 his time, 4:55 my time, we walked thru our morning routine. My day starts when his day starts. No savings there.

After letting Max out, I find myself sitting in my rocker thinking about time…the phrase how time flies came up. I thought how at age six I couldn’t wait to start school. Then a short twelve years later I couldn’t wait to get out. Then I couldn’t wait to marry and have a family. Now, this very month, Dale and I celebrate fifty-six years together, and my oldest will be fifty-four!! Wow! If I could Turn Back Time what would I do differently? LOTS of things!! But time machines aren’t really available except in Back to the Future So I’ll have to try and make time to do better from here on out. Ok, don’t go there. Make time! Wow!

When I worked, my daily prayer was that my customers would be on time. As a hair stylist and self-employed shop owner that was very important. Otherwise I got pushed into no spare time at the end of the day. That happened often. Ask me sometime “why” I fired three customers in my twenty-two years behind a chair.
Psalms 90:10 says “Our days may come to 70 years, or maybe 80, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.” So…I’m living on borrowed time and YES they have passed by quickly.

Soxs, our gentle quiet cat. 

Ok. If I’ve jump-started your own journey through time I’ll leave you to it. Because my knee has popped the last two days and I can hardly walk I’m staying home from church. I never like that but I look forward to where the Lord will take me today. Our times together are often fun, teachable moments. I can already see His love and protection when I look back on my last 75 years. His timing is always perfect. Let’s use our time wisely today. Bless you!

*I wanted to share Joyce's story because we no longer have cats in our home lives, and consequently no new cat stories to share. I think a new perspective and new storytelling helps to lift our lives, and that's why I asked Joyce to share her Max story.

I, too, love cats and have lived with many over the years, like Frisky. Click on this blue link to read his story Frisky, the Cat with Nine Lives