Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Acclaimed Movie Story: Complete with Problem and Solution

On the 7th day of snow and two weeks without a Dr. Pepper (lent reasons), my mind was afflecked and strayed from my usual writing activities.  Of the fourteen top Oscar movie nominations for 2013, how many can you find in the story below.   The list of the fourteen movies appears at the bottom.

            The other night Jack’s friend, Judge Argo, called us to tell us he bought four tickets to the Masters this spring, and asked us if we’d like to attend two of the sessions with him.  It was a skyfall moment for the two of us.  Of course, we’d like to attend, but we’d rather he not bring Ted or Oscar.  Hopefully, a flight out of Wichita to Atlanta won’t be the impossible tasks that it can be with spring time weather in the plains.
            Golf has been the amour of my life, so an opportunity to this event was monumental.  In the past when other friends attended the Masters leaving me behind to teach, I was left with a sinking feeling like the miserables.  Being depressed is not uncommon for me.  Ever since I was young and attended Lincoln school, mother used to say, “There’s always a silver lining to a dark cloud.  Read the silver linings playbook and learn about life.”  Sometimes I just chose to worry rather than act.
            When I worry about my “what if’s” in life, I often experience nightmares that run like raging beasts of the southern wild, which is just what I did amidst the blizzard the other night.   I woke up screaming like a django unchained,  with a dog licking my ear and whining, and my husband shaking my shoulder at zero dark thirty in the morning.  When we all calmed down from the fright, my husband  suggested we get up for a glass of milk and piece of pie.  By the numbers Jack enjoys dark molasses pecan pie, and I like tart cherry pie. 
            “Let’s talk about what worries you, “ Jack suggested.
            “Money, time, retirement life, what will we do, health, children,” I acclaimed.
 He smiled, “Tell you what, I’ve been thinking about these things , too.  We both like pie and other sweets, so let’s open a bakery.  We’ll call it Life of Pi and Sweets. We’ll make it our retirement gift, then if the kids ever need a job they can buy us out.  What do you say?”
“That sounds delicious, but for now, can we either go back to sleep or wake up from this dream?” I mumbled. 

Movies:  Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Flight, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln,  Silver Linings Playbook,  Skyfall, The Impossible, the Master, The Sessions, Zero Dark Thirty


  1. Found all 14 first time.

  2. Very cool, Ms. Letty, nice distraction from writing an audit program.