Monday, July 14, 2014


Sometimes, I feel lonely inside
but no one sees it,
so I go for a walk.

Sometimes I cry quietly
but no one hears it,
so I work in the yard.

Sometimes I sigh in frustration
but catch myself sinking
so I imagine a calming vista.

Then, I breathe slowly
deep in the belly
deep in the belly
deep in the belly.

Standing tall I cast my eyes toward heaven,
listening for a whisper
searching for a sign
patiently waiting.

Then, I hear the music
the tweets, chirps, and coos
of nature's song birds.

Finches, wrens, robins, and sparrows
perching in the brown branches--
so close.
My eyes squint searching
while my mind quietly relaxes.

Then, like a fairy in flight a tiny Western King bird chirps
from high on the cedar,
"Look at me.  I can fly." 
Fluttering on the tree tops up it flies, 
then back to its nest.
Again, chirping loudly "Look at me.  I am flying." 
Fluttering on the tree tops up it flies,
then back to its nest.

I smile, a childlike giggle crosses my lips.
I watch the show--my sign
my message from above.  

Look for the Beauty in All Things.