Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Walks

It's out here somewhere.
Winter walks on the prairie refresh our spirits, but sometimes create adventures.  Jack and Lucy love to play hide-and-go-seek in the tall prairie grass (that isn't too tall because of the drought), while I play cheerleader. The other day just as we reached the end of our trail, Jack reached into his pocket for the leash, so we could walk Lucy down the streets toward home.  NO Leash, but lots of laughter as we looked back over the twenty acres of prairie grass that we'd just trampled through.

It's this way Jack, follow me.
 Jack's words not mine, "It's got to be in one of the three places where I laid down hiding from Lucy."  My unspoken thoughts, "You've got to be kidding me.  We have another leash at home and I'm cold."   The challenge was spoken! Being stalwart prairie pioneers we persevered, and stepped forward head down walking into a bitter cold Northwest wind, and eyes searching for a handsized blue doggie leash.

I'm sure it's over here.

This is a lot of work!

Really, you found it.  Let me sniff.
Yep, the lost has been found.  Remarkable.


  1. Tell Jack I appreciated his optimism in finding the lease. Based on pictures I would have used the spare in the future.

  2. Love the "search" for the leash and the pictures of Lucy having so much fun, while you guys do the looking!