Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolution Day at Bluebird Books

Reading books of our choice, learning new concepts, and continuing education are some of the greatest gifts offered to those of us living in a free nation.  Our newest book store "Bluebird Books" is a visual and sensory delight, plus it offers something for each of us willing to leave the house and explore.

Reading a label on a can of soup or bag of chips is the easy part, it's the understanding of what I've just read that barks at my brain!  One New tidbit--limit my fat intake by understanding that 3 grams of fat per 100 calories is a healthy guide.  Suddenly, my lunch plan today was thwarted:  7 stone ground tostitos equaled 140 calories and 8 grams of fat.  I went over the 3 grams but stayed under several hundred calories I might have eaten otherwise.  It might be good to toss these chips now before I munch some more.   This new bite of information was presented at "Resolution Day" at Bluebird Books.  The first presenter on Saturday, January 5 was Lisa Denke, a registered dietitian who helped us better understand what a healthy meal looks like and what we need to eat or NOT eat.  I just wish the palm of my hand were bigger, so I could eat a bigger steak or hamburger and call it healthy.

  When Abby Hurst presented her "Resolution" program on Pilates Basics, I experienced another "ah ha" moment.  Now practicing the fine tuned control of my transversus abdominus daily will be in my new life plan.   My weak abs have been one of the reasons I have spent the last 30 years in and out of chiropractors and doctors offices because of my back pain.  Not only am I healthier and stronger because of two years of Pilates, but now I have one more important exercise to add to my daily routine.

Conquering Clutter presented by Marie Kicklighter expanded my mind with new visions of what my hidden closets and drawers could look like.  This morning my first task, after stretching and clearing my muddled mind, was to take a step she suggested for figuring out which clothes I wear regularly.  I reversed or turned around all of my hanging clothes.  Now as I take them off the hangers to wear I will return them facing the correct way, and supposedly at the end of the season or year I will know which clothes I really wear.  I see potential for cheating with this concept, but I will persevere.   Next, I pulled out all of my tablecloths, yes even the old pink linen ones that have been handed down.  I measured each on and wrote down the size on tape which I then stuck to the hanger.  My plan was to take a bag of tablecloths to the thrift shop.  That didn't happen, but at least I know what I have now.

Mindfulness, concentrating on my breath, learning to stay in the moment, these are the concepts that I based my own personal resolution on, and listening to Wendy Hobart speak on Yoga and Meditation gave me even more insight to what I am doing daily in my life and how it will help me.  Today my goal was to find a way to incorporate at least one action or thought from each of the four presenters. Check!

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