Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cumulus Clouds Rising

A rose without a bush
A tree without a top            
Borders without fences
  Cumulus clouds rising

No lives lost, hearts pounding
Neighbors sweeping, sweating
Cutting, stacking, debris
  Cumulus clouds rising

yards become lakes

Waters lapping near doors
Yards of standing waters
Gardens overflowing
  Cumulus clouds rising

Sunshine fills skies of blues
Grasses green while birds sing
Winds gust, thunderstorms roll
  Cumulus clouds rising

Sirens blare take shelter
Heat meets cold, darkness calls
view from underground shelter

Sudden stillness, hold tight
  Cumulus clouds roaring

Tornadic winds slashing
Trees ripped like shard of glass
Cars tossed like plastic toys
  Cumulus clouds rolling

Hearts pounding, no lives lost
Neighbors standing staring
Relief fills our faces
  No Moore
    No storms



  1. Very nice , Letty. I'm glad everyone was safe.

  2. Hope things settle down for you all in OK…..very scary times, I know.

  3. Very appropriate for our present weather. I have lived here 13 years in July in this house and it is the first time I have had standing puddles in back yard. We have been saturated here in Tulsa too. I slept though the sirens Saturday night. Of course we only have a hallway to stay in anyway. I always pray that God watches over us and if it is my time to go, so be it. jr

  4. An interesting photo trip through an Okie storm. ru