Sunday, May 3, 2015

Art Gecko

Art Gecko
Inspiration comes in the most unusual forms and colors. It only took a year, almost to the day for me to feel at home in my new blogger room.  The moment I found the comfortable colorful chair I began to relax, and then one day while dreaming and shopping, Art appeared in the form of a lizard crawling up a wall and catching my gaze with its bright light.  
In Your Dreams

Now when I walk into my blogger room, no matter the mood or rush or stress, my eyes float from wall to wall and Art relaxes my tensions.  Each picture or piece of art has meaning and memory.  Each color invites my mind to leave the rush behind.  

From my brightly painted desk and book cases that transport me to the beach, my eyes watch the birds at the feeder, the daily squirrel who magical crawls up the pole and performs his acrobatics just to make me laugh, the flowers this spring as they reach the sun or play ping pong in the wind.   

Art Gecko, a light on the wall, is now my release, my inner giggle, my personal delight. Sometimes I just sit, and sometimes I read. Sometimes I gaze at the walls and reflect on my family, thousands of children and their families who came through my library or classroom and became part of me, my friends, my travels, my experiences. 

Each story is told in living color--from my grandmother's hand sewn quilts; the springtime freshness of the KANSAS landscape painted on the canvas; Gail Haley's art work from Jack and FireDragonMan;  the sounds of music casting colors of jazz; rainbows dancing on the walls; books sitting crooked on the shelves as reminders of ideas, great writings, great memories, or soulful help when needed.  

All of this and Art, too

Welcome to my room, to Art Gecko.  

Gail E. Haley, author and illustrator  

I found the chair at Robinson's Repurpsed in Norman.
Robinson's Repurposed



  1. You did wonderful job, Letty. Thank you for sharing your room and your writing with us,

  2. What a great place to BE, Letty. Thank you for your post!