Friday, February 27, 2015

Golf Gypsy: Words Matter

The first of February I began to workout four mornings a week. Today, I added a new routine on the mat--practicing the bench (Plank) hold.  In order to really build strength in my core, it is important to strengthen my core by holding myself up in a plank position for two minutes from arms to toes, and two minutes on each side for three sets. Holding each pose for the first set lasted sixty seconds and gave me a red face. On the second set I began to shake and quiver from tired muscles, so I rolled over and said, "Oh, Well!" 

I walked away and began to roll up the mat. Luckily, I have an inner spirit that yelled at me today and said, "It matters. Now get back over there and finish the routine."  To my own amazement, I did and like a child, I smiled at myself in accomplishment.  

Focus helps.

I learned a decade ago that "Oh, Well" demoralizes my golf game and my spirit.  It's like the "I can't do it" phrase, and it sets up failure. Now I write single thought words on my golf balls, like "It Matters," "Level Hips," "Swing and Sing," or "Giggle Inside." These are thoughts that keep me focused. 

The Pro giving lessons 1954. MGCC

I also know how to live with my golf scores. If I am a 10 handicap then I know that on my best day I will hit at least 10 bad shots. Notice, that is on my best day.  So on those days when I experience some "Crazy 8's," I can say "Ok," not "Oh, Well." I feel the difference inside of me with the words I chose to say.  It Matters.

It matters when I write, even if I've not finished that book.  I'm careful to say, "Ok" I can live with this because writing is a process that I practice nearly everyday. The quote above my desk reads, "What lies behind us and what lies before us...are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

I love my brain (most of the time), but it stays in constant motion.  When it's good it's really really good, and when it's bad, it splashes in the bottom of a deep black well (Oh, Well.).  That is why I've added meditation to my life.  I know better than to say that I will meditate  everyday because I will fail.  Instead, I have agreed with myself to practice mindful meditation at least twice a week.  When I meditate more then it's like icing on a cake, and it gives my crazy brain a break.  

Our words matter.  Let's be kind to ourselves each day.
It Matters.

We all have stories to tell.  What words motivate you? You are welcome to leave comments below where the blue words say "comments."  Those comments come to me to read before I publish them.  



  1. Thanks Letty
    Love the stories you send.
    Puts a smile on my face
    Have a great day!! mr

  2. I've done the plank several times and it is hard! I try to stretch every morning, but I don't do it very often. Used to walk often for 2 miles, but when I look at my walking journal, I think there must be a correlation with age and amount of walking. Age goes up, walking goes down. Shouldn't be that way. Maybe warm weather will help.

    I love your golf writing. I love to play golf even tho my handicap hovers around 24-25. I started playing late in life and get so upset with myself when I don't shoot well. I try to have fun and do when I'm playing better. Two things I like: thinking that with a 23 handicap, I'll make so many mistakes that day and writing "breathe" or some other little message on the balls. We all have different messages.

    Good blog today, ab

  3. I loved your blog today. I also drag a piece of multimedia art that was given me that includes that same Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on it. I have taken it everywhere I have worked. For now, it hangs right beside where I sit most days and struggle with the betrayal of my body and the continuing decline of my health. Anyway, I found it interesting that we find the same quote inspiring.

    Although, I am still angry. I am also learning that I am stronger than I thought and ...what lies within me... might be a persistent fighter no matter what the odds. I usually read the part of your blog within my email and so I didn't see the comment option. I will now take the time to click the link and not miss any content and comment when I am led to do so. Which has been often but in the email view; there isn't that option.

    Thanks for continuing to share your memories and observations on life. I miss you and it is a way to stay connected.

    1. Thank you friend. I am so sorry your body is struggling, mine sometimes betrays me and so I rely on that inner spirit to keep me going. These older years certainly contain challenges that we learn to rise up and meet. It sounds like you have the inner strength you need.
      Yes, I realized with the last email blast that when you receive my post by email there is no pace to leave comments except to reply to the email. I will see if I can explain that to people at some point

  4. So motivating....needed this. Thanks for sharing your gift of words and thoughts. :) gpf

  5. I so agree with you about the power of words, Letty. They can lift up or crush a spirit - our own as well as others!

  6. Before I even read your post, I saw the photo of the mat. I got up and I did a very short, but very difficult (for me) workout that I'd been putting off forever. When I was done, I came back to read. What an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm here from OWB Sunday potluck. Glad to have found your blog!