Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golf Gypsy: Rat Bastard's Revival

Alice, alias Rat Bastard
Her given name is "Rat Bastard."  She came to me several years as a prize in a golf event at Prairie Dunes.  I believe my golf gypsy friends from Topeka rigged the play day, just so I would win this ratty beady eyed character.  I'm sure they never dreamed that when she became the head cover for my 5 Wood that her devious ratty ways and wayward life would soon change, as I hit solid clean shots down the fairway with her,earning her the name of 

But times and places change and with that new friends and stories are created.  Alice's history at The Trails has been overshadowed by her
rat like tail that startles golfers.  I'd thrown her down on the fairway and prepared to hit my five wood into the green when Tammy screamed and jumped sideways on the golf cart.  "That tail it moved.  What is it?" She screamed.  It's rather difficult to calmly settle a woman down after she thinks she's seen a tail to an animal twitch, especially one that resembles a rat.  Laughter, however, is the miracle worker.

Maybe that's why I keep her in my golf bag.  On a warm sunny spring
Cathy, Ellen, Jean
day this year Ellen walked by my golf bag then suddenly leaped to the side and yelped like a she'd been bitten.    The foursome quickly gathered round to assess the problem when they all

discovered "Rat Bastard" sitting on my golf club.   The official 
  explanation made no sense, what friend would give someone a rat head cover, but the laughter that followed made for fun memories. 

Lucy, alias Big Dog, and Alice
 Just like in life, sometimes the golf shots don't always run straight and true.  Perhaps the      greatest gift of playing sports is making friends, and learning to laugh at yourself.  Rat   Bastard and Big Dog may fail me from time to time, but my real friends stand with me and guide me through the rough.   

Laugh for me somewhere on the golf course today, dear friends.   


  1. Great post, Letty! You had me smiling, albeit slightly freaked out by the thought of Rat Bastard's tail twitching. :-)

  2. Wonderful to win a prize and have that much fun with it.

  3. Great new blog entry. cr

  4. Thanks for all the stories. You did rat bastard justice. pf

  5. Letty, all your writings are extraordinary. pf

  6. Letty, good to hear from you---enjoyed your story of the Rat Bastard. Still miss you in Kansas tourneys but know you have plenty of golf in Oklahoma! dar

  7. RB sounds like a fun pal to have, Letty! Way to keep everybody on their toes!

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  9. I miss seeing your "Alice" rat! nv