Monday, July 14, 2014


Sometimes, I feel lonely inside
but no one sees it,
so I go for a walk.

Sometimes I cry quietly
but no one hears it,
so I work in the yard.

Sometimes I sigh in frustration
but catch myself sinking
so I imagine a calming vista.

Then, I breathe slowly
deep in the belly
deep in the belly
deep in the belly.

Standing tall I cast my eyes toward heaven,
listening for a whisper
searching for a sign
patiently waiting.

Then, I hear the music
the tweets, chirps, and coos
of nature's song birds.

Finches, wrens, robins, and sparrows
perching in the brown branches--
so close.
My eyes squint searching
while my mind quietly relaxes.

Then, like a fairy in flight a tiny Western King bird chirps
from high on the cedar,
"Look at me.  I can fly." 
Fluttering on the tree tops up it flies, 
then back to its nest.
Again, chirping loudly "Look at me.  I am flying." 
Fluttering on the tree tops up it flies,
then back to its nest.

I smile, a childlike giggle crosses my lips.
I watch the show--my sign
my message from above.  

Look for the Beauty in All Things.


  1. Letty......I found you through Pam landers. I blog a bit I live up in the North/Saskatchewan but am from Oklahoma.......I'm not sure where you are from, but I have moved 9 times in 32 years.....all have positives but I so relate to this poem.........did you write this...........wintertime is particularly difficult.........but right now I wish you were here on my deck of my log's 70 degrees, sun won't set till 11 pm. I have a mama and papa robin feeding three babies not 6 feet from me above on a log that extends from the main cabin............I watched her build the nest a month ago..........totally consumed by her construction from 6:30-11 a.m.! to just BE actually watching nature...........nothing like it! healing, amazing and wonderous amazement......It is only because of the solitudinal days I have up here being mostly disconnected from this community because NO ONE has moved away to know just how it feels to start is sometimes as if I'm speaking a foreign language to these it their fault/anyone's fault..........I have decided cannot have someone else understand something they have not experienced....or can they..................hugs to you and may each day show you the gifts in it just as I watch for the gifts in mine! Thank you for your poem.........

    1. Thank you Canadian Gin. The poem and all of the words on my blog are mine from the heart. Yes, I live back in Oklahoma now and have known Pam since we were both very little.....9 moves is a lot but I think I'm on 7 moves. All have their rewards in time. Now that I'm retired it is completely different socially, but I'm fortunate to love the out of doors and fresh air. Your Canadian robins and the long days sound refreshing, and you're right...winters are tough and lonely without the sun and warmth. In time I'll find those girlfriends. HOpe you do too. I have another Canadian friend who write a blog and her name is Linda Hoye. You might check out her words sometime.

  2. Very nice. Great example of The Power of Now. DWO