Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A few days ago, I attended OWFI, a writer's conference, and  wore one of my colorful outfits from "Adrian's Boutique" in Buhler, Ks.  During the very workshop a lady sitting next to me complimented me on my outfit and asked where I bought it.  I smiled and replied, "In a small town in Kansas at a darling boutique..." but before I
Sandy, Letty, Vicki with Vera Bradley in the background!
could finish the statement she interrupted and laughed.  "You bought it at Adrian's didn't you?"  Goosebumps jumped down my arms in delight when I heard her response.   Pointing to the lady next to me she said, "We're both from Wichita, and we drive to Buhler several times a year to shop."

For a few minutes my mind left the conference and thought of all the familiar places we left behind, where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came.

Anne Armstrong, owner of Roy's BBQ

On these cool spring days I would have enjoyed eating Roy's BBQ with the delicious garlic/vinegar coleslaw.  Several years ago I tried bribing Mike  for the recipe to the coleslaw; it didn't work so I just kept eating
there, slurping up the slaw and BBQ.  Now I miss the sweet and tart flavors, smoky aromas, and friendly chatter of the crowded tables, but most of all I miss hearing Anne's welcoming voice and cheerful smile, "Hello, Jack and Letty" or "You folks come back."

Drew & Jenny Bryant, owners of
Jackson's Meat Market 
As a teacher, I often find myself bragging on my kids; my kids I raised and my kids who lived in other homes but spent a year of their lives with me in the classroom or library.  I beam with pride every time I walk into Jackson's Meat Market, and hear Andrew Bryant's voice say, "Hello, Letty."  His lovely wife Jenny could only call me Mrs. Watt the first year they opened, but now we're just like friends sharing stories, only they are there, and I am here.  I highly recommend "Ray's Baloney" if you want a slice of tasty all beef bologna.  I am thankful that there really is more than one place in the world where everybody knows my name.

Cheers! dear friends, cheers!



 The song and lyrics to "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" are really quite interesting.


  1. Awwww you've got me with tears in MY eyes... I am so honored to be included with Jeni & Andrew from Jackson Meat & Anne from Roy's BBQ as places where "Everyone knows your Name."

    How fun that you found a fellow Adrian's shopper at your conference! It truly is a small world! I'm looking forward to hearing how you leave your mark on Norman! You are such a great supporter of local business... Wish we had a hundred more like you! Have a great Mothers Day Week! -Vicki

  2. thanks. We've been here over 3 years and there are only a couple places where anybody knows my name!! I haven't found any activities in which I wish to participate. I still drive to Denver (100 mi. each way) for my book club and a couple of organization meetings--time and weather being a factor as to whether or not I get there!
    Always enjoy reading your writings! ss