Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Golf Gypsy: Making New Friends

I don't know if I've ever said "thank you" enough to my parents and the community of golfers from my old home, the Miami Golf and Country Club, for teaching me how to meet people and make new friends. (photo of: Pat Horner, Clara Barton, Helen Moore, Claire Oliver winners July 12, 1962 of Ladies Sunrise Tournament.)  <http://www.scoutsongs.com/lyrics/makenewfriends.html>   Not only does it have the right rhythm for my swing, but singing helps to relieve the stress or nervous twitches that come with golf and my life.
courtesy of  the Dobson Museum
To add to that my mother was a Brownie Scout leader, and those years of scouting helped to guide me in making friends.  To this day I often sing the scout song, when I'm swinging the golf club, with these lyrics "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

Barbara, Stephanie, Donna 
Within days of our move from Hutchinson, to Norman,  this spring my husband had the foresight to join a golf course immediately.  I think he knows that his wife is slightly intense and high strung and needs fresh air and exercise, sometimes!   As soon as it was warm enough I ventured out to join the Trails Ladies Golf Association and meet new friends. The first Tuesday we worked in groups to take lessons from the pros.  It is especially important to be able to hit over the water on this course, and Stephanie Brecht helped us with that shot.  After lunch we were paired in twosomes to play in an alternate shot horse race.  My partner and I didn't finish in the money, but had a great time laughing at ourselves and the early spring mishits that we all shot. When I heard the laughter coming from everyone's voices, I knew I'd found a golf home that I'd enjoy for years to come.
Cliff hole at Dornick Hills

A few weeks later on a cool spring day the opportunity arose for me to join the Trails Ladies team play event and travel to Dornick Hills in Ardmore, Ok.  I was honored to represent The Trails at this unique golf course, and most of all to pay my homage to it's designer, Perry Maxwell, the same man who designed Prairie Dunes, my former home course.  What a vision that man had to see a green sitting on top of this cliff, and on a par 5 going UP.  My partner, and new golf friend Dawn Stork, and I played a dynamic
The Dornick Hills team. 
round of ham and egging it, as they say in golf.  She was on her game every time I was off my game.  That day I was off a lot, but you'd never know it by the laughter we created.

Shortly after this trip my back decided I needed a rest, so for the last month I've taken it easy with therapy and ice packs.  I played twice this last week (No woods) with new/old friends Ellen, Barbara, and Mary.  Ellen and Barbara were my golf friends from the 90's when we were all teaching school and playing golf on weekends and summers together, and for a short time Mary's daughter dated our son Michael.  What fun to be invited back into a group of friends who have good memories to share.

The songs are still in my head as I wonder down the fairways, singing and keeping my head clear to focus on the next shot.  Thank you to all of my friends who are "silver and gold."

Peggy celebrates her 2
I will miss you all, but I'll see your pictures, and read about your adventures through KWGA communications.
Sue, Denise, Lois, and Betty

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  1. I KNEW you are a bloom-where-you’re-planted girl!! So glad to read about it & see the pics! mb