Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snow Scenes, the Honeymoon Retirement Adventure part 3

Isaac's plan for our hike mapped out in snow.
There's something about March that beckons spring in my imagination and sometimes in the earth.  Yet, I'm amazed how adaptable our bodies can be, like nature bending with the breezes of the prairie.  The last week of March we traveled to Dodgeville, Wisconsin to spend a week with our kids in their cabin in the woods.  Personal phone calls about weather conditions are so much more enlightening than my phone apps, with Ann and Mike both warning, "Bring winter coats, boots, warm clothes there's snow on the ground."

Jack and I sat silently by the phone.  "Did they say snow on the ground, and bring plenty of books to read because they have no TV service?"  We obediently packed for winter in spring and pilled our luggage into the car along with the dog and headed North without golf clubs.

We were not surprised when we saw the hills east of the Mississippi in Wisconsin snow covered, but we were in awe when we pulled into the snow-packed driveway of the cabin.  Winter had stalled over the hills keeping Spring at bay, and what a delightful, refreshing week we enjoyed as a family, thanks to natures slow ticking clock.

No TV and only a bar of cell phone service led to many hours of playing cards, eating Ann's delicious home cooked meals, chatting, reading, taking naps, and hiking up the hills and down the roads.
Ann and Isaac on top of the hill.

Isaac shows us the ceramic owl.
The Adventure continued all week as we played outside every chance nature gave us, and the snow accumulated as it fell from the sky for several of the days we visited.

Even though there were tracks that pickups had driven on the frozen lake, and people were ice fishing, I was not convinced I could casually walk on it without collapsing into the cold waters.  With a little effort Mike proved to us prairie flatlanders that yes indede the river was frozen at least a foot.  Our honeymoon retirement trip was uniquely relaxing and refreshing.
Mike's fingers finally touched cold water.  Ouch!

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  1. Sure looks like you all had a fun time in the snowy woods of Wisconsin. It is a beautiful state….especially in the summer when you can golf!