Thursday, April 18, 2013

Museum Musings, the Honeymoon Retirement Adventure part 2

View from our car.
Crossing the Mississippi River, listening to the long mournful blare of the boats following the river from my dorm room at LSU, reading books about the Mississippi, especially when the earthquake hit over a hundred years ago causing it to flow backwards, are moments that intrigue me.  This time, on our retirement trip, I took pictures and videos of the momentous river.

The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is located near the river in Dubuque, Iowa, and this trip we made time to visit the museum.  The museum like the river intrigued each of us: Jack, Mike, Isaac, and me.  We could walk through and read the history of the river delta, watch the children play in the water area that depicted the flow and deltas, observe the fishes in the various aquariums, tour the riverboat makings and history, or learn more about the critters that inhabit the river.  We chose to enjoy it all.

Big blue catfish observing Isaac and Nana Letty

Isaac observing the river otter.

Mike, Nana Letty, and Isaac playing.

The Librarian and Mr. Twain.
Retirement...all smiles and musings, molding new memories, respecting the old ones.

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  1. We enjoyed your reminiscing about being in Wisconsin with Mike, Ann and Isaac. Isaac really enjoyed the Mississippi River Museum with you. Thanks for sharing your stories.