Monday, November 12, 2012

The Ebb and Flow vs The Standard Shift

Normally I like to write, to reflect, and share stories when my body systems feel light and flowing.  I find it uplifting just to go through the process of writing.  Words, pictures and ideas come and go easily, like the ebb and flow of the waters.
No hurricane winds today.

Then there are days, and weeks that pass by me when nothing creatively flows, and my body feels the jerks of a teenager learning to drive a standard shift automobile.  (Yes, I remember learning how to drive one, and I remember teaching two kids how to drive one.)  Today I dressed for yoga class with Letty Shaw  and looked forward to relaxing and relying on some of the group energy to get me going today.  With Lucy's cold nose and ears flapping out the back window, we took off for Genesis.  But time eclipsed us on the way, and we arrived in the parking lot at 8:25 with class having begun at 8:15.  Did I not know the time when I left the house?  I just sat and starred at the sunrise and frost on the cars never turning the engine off.  At last I drove home.

Sometimes I feel as knotted as this Jumping Cholla.
I realized that my internal energy is sometimes clogged.  Perhaps I've raced this engine too fast lately and have neglected the gentle flow of life that I've come to enjoy with retirement. I even wonder or worry that when, as my mother used to say, "You are burning the candle at both ends!" that perhaps those ends are meeting in the middle now.  Is that possible or do I just need to clean the engine again?

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