Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Birthday Bash in Buhler from A-Z

Jonya, Katy, Letty happily haunting Adrians for gifts.
Oh, what fun three women can have on a rainy Friday afternoon shopping in the uniquely stylish shops in Buhler, Kansas.  Two of these women, my daughter Katy and sister Jonya, drove from Oklahoma City just to celebrate Katy's birthday.   We began our escapade just after noon with a delicious meal at the Mustard Seed, on main street Buhler.  Soups, sandwiches  and salads nearly filled us up, but being women with taste we saved room for one chocolate brownie that could have fed four of us.  When I heard the fork slide on the empty plate as it tried to  scoop up the last of the chocolate icing, I knew it was time to go.

Mom and daughter, with Aunt Jonya taking photo.

We wondered through the art shop and admired the glass work, jewelry, and metal works, but we had clothes on our mind.  At the Main Street Style shop we found scarves and fall decor just perfect for our budget and taste.  With bags in hand we headed outside only to discover rain drops falling gently.  Just another treat for us as we had felt rain deprived this year, so we leaped into the rain skipping and laughing as we jumped puddles past the bank and on to Adrian's A-Z.

Aunt Jonya, Katy, and Mom taking photo,.
The style show began with scarves that could be folded and tied into a vest, we played at length with this new concept.  I scanned and opened purse after purse looking for just the right size and color, perhaps too many to choose from left me a bit overwhelmed.  Blingy bracelets and dazzling jewelry caught our attention, too.  (The result being a bling sound when I wear my new bracelets and type.)  We shared the dressing room off and on for more than two hours, as the three of us went in and out trying to decide which went with what or watt. One by one we handed over our clothing stash to the cashier until we felt like we'd left nothing untouched.  Since it was a birthday bash they gladly wrapped our gifts, so we could open them later.

I'm so blessed to have my sister and daughter in my life.  Thank you both for filling up my heart.


  1. Dear Mom
    being able to spending my birthday with you is always the best time - i have been 41 now for over a month - doesn't seem that bad so far ! I love the pictures and I had a wonderful time - Love Bitters !

    1. No age is very bad unless you decide it is. So glad you are learning that lesson early. I, too, love every minute we spend together and am just so thankful that you came into this world a healthy happy baby and have grown into a healthy happy woman.

  2. Hello Letty:

    I saw your blog on Adrian's Boutique Facebook Page. I would love to share your post about your visit to Buhler on our City of Buhler Facebook page. We love sharing great stories spent with loved ones in BUHLER. Thanks for spending the day in BUHLER! See you again soon!

    Janet Burr
    Buhler Economic Devolopment Coordinator

    1. Janet, you are most welcome to share my blog on your fb page. I do my best to write light hearted stories about life in our communities. Others are free to read and comment on any of my stories. In the archives you will find a stories about Greensburg, and it's recovery that someone might enjoy.