Friday, June 15, 2012


On my third week celebration since hernia surgery, I spent my first waking minutes in our hot tub.  Oh, what luxury lightly bubbled around me, and lifted my stiff and humbled body.  The moisture from the warm water soaked through my senses and helped to invigorate my soul.  Within minutes the birds that had fluttered away when I opened the lid, returned to their nests and feeders,chirping and squeaking at the intruder, as I secretly smiled at their flutter and concerns.  From my vantage point in the hot tub I watched the orioles line up for the "orange marmalade" that we had so generously plopped down on our wind break fence.  Before turning up the bubbling water I simply sat quietly listening to the newness of the day; to the baby birds squawking for food; to the squirrels chattering at Lucy as she slowly paced the fence line protecting her land and owner from dangerous predators; and I said, "Thank you Lord."  Thank you Lord for all that you have provided and for my good health.

Then like a child in the pool for the her first summer outing I turned up the "jets" and bounded from corner to corner, rolling like a fish in a pond and laughing at my own playfulness.  Water has always comforted me, and given my body a feeling of lightness and freedom.  No longer were my legs stiff and back sore; I was agile and youthful in the bubbling springs.  Lucy often jumps up to check on me, wondering if I'm safe?  I laugh and tell her to get a ball or her many chews and to play, play, play.

From one corner of the hot tub I could see a lonely cushioned chair out in the tree line.  I have three places in my yard where I have spent many hours the last three weeks, sitting, reflecting, reading, and sometimes napping.  I saw myself slowly shuffling on my husband's arm just to reach a nearby chair, the I saw myself walking around enjoying my yard, and now here I am feeling healthy.  But something inside of me clicks, "Warning, Warning, Warning--Take it Easy, Don't Overdo, One Good Day can cause Two Down Days."  At last I crawl out of the hot tub, dry off, and saunter in to shower and ponder another day at home.

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