Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Golf Gypsy Goes Down

Time is a strange bird that flies by in its own special pattern.  Many times in my life I've chased the clock, counting and running at light speed, like only working moms can do.  Some habits don't quickly change, and so events and journeys enter our lives to show us new avenues to wonder down.  A few days out of surgery I walked around the back yard, heal and toe pattern and holding my husband's hand, which is a dramatic improvement over the previous shuffle while holding my husband's arm.
Recovery view of our yard.

Surgery, although minor can be dramatic.  Better than so many options, I had time to prepare myself, my home, my yard, and my garden for the hernia surgery, which the doctor explained would keep me down for two weeks and then I'd follow a slow, but healthy road to recovery.

Time raced like the roadrunner before my very eyes.  For nine days I acted with total committed energy to every weed, every limb, every flower than needed attention; to every piece of laundry and ironing; to every room that needed cleaning and didn't need cleaning; to every calendar commitment and golf tournament than had to be cancelled; and to all my friends I might not see for awhile.  And then I cried.  I cried because I was scared and tired.  Then I felt better.

Feast your eyes on Green and Heal.
Time heals oh, so very slowly indeed.  One day I felt good enough to walk a mile, and the next day I was down and out.  One day I was bored and frustrated and began cleaning off book shelves and thinking garage sale! and the next day I was down and out.  Sit, Letty, Sit instead of Go, Stretch, Run, Pull, Swing.  I'm now two weeks out from surgery and a check up this afternoon.  Hope the doctor says, "go," but I'm not betting on it.

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