Monday, June 18, 2018

Excuses Excuses Excuses

Where is the perfect quote that shares the frustrations of writers? Often, I find articles simply stating  "write 20 minutes a day, etc. etc. etc."  Then I scream like Cathy in the cartoons, ACK! 

Don't they, whoever they are, ever have chores, housework, gardening, walks to take, exercises to do, friends to lunch with, beauty secrets to discover, a game of golf to play, travels to take, books to read, or excuses like I have today? How could leave out my favorite excuse for not writing? I cherish the time when I close my eyes and take an afternoon nap.   

It's been three weeks since I exercised my brain by writing,and I've missed it. But, I've completed many projects that reward my desire for 'immediate gratification.'   

I started painting the front and back doors in April but humidity and weather stopped me. So when we experienced a dryer day last week I returned to this project. It could still use some touch up, but I resisted today and turned instead to my Art Gecko room for inspiration. 

Of course, after seeing a picture of myself in a golf tournament recently, I realized that I needed a new hairdo, as my other one expired. The old graying long hair was easy to care for, but not peppy and sporty. So now I feel younger, and isn't that important?

Our hearts nearly broke during the last two weeks as our lively dog,Lucy, suffered miserably from eating a dead animal. One room in our house took the brunt of her vomit and diarrhea!  After the carpet cleaner slaved to clean the messes, we realized that we needed to cut out the carpet immediately, before company arrives this week.  Next we will order new carpet.

I am happy to report that Lucy is once again healthy and we are happy. 

But in the meantime I noticed the clutter in the closet. Naturally, I wanted closure on that task, so rather than write about visiting Presidential Libraries, playing in golf tournaments, or laughing with life, I cleaned the closet which then led to a stack of items to take to Goodwill. More Excuses!  

Best of all, Jack and I have divided forces and worked together to create a beautiful yard, and yes, it took me away from writing and playfully creating stories but the rewards are well worth it.  
Outside with nature is my salvation.
With a long sigh I murmur to myself, "Sometimes I struggle with a full platter filled with living every day to the fullest." Then I notice the radiant blue jay sitting on our feeder by my writing window, "This is the life I enjoy."


  1. Letty, thanks for sharing! Yes, life gets in the way, doesn't it?

  2. Can you please send me the name of your landscape artist !! That corner of the yard looks amazing with the flagstone !
    Glad Lucy is feeling better !