Monday, May 7, 2018

Calm Before the Storm

Calm comes when there is no wind
Grand Lake of the Cherokees
  No sense of impending doom

Calm dances in hues
  Of violets and blues

Calm radiates when petals
  Turn skywards

Calm floats on the horizon
  Like a flock of geese flying towards sunset

Calm softens the heart
  And refreshes the mind

Calm days are few


Whammy comes when spring rains RoAR through

Sirens ring and people scream

Joplin, Mo. tornado 2012

Whammy crACKs the silence slashing the clouds
Thunder booms and nature hides

Whammy ROLLS across the prairie 
Winds swirl whipping twisting trees

Whammy BATTERS and BRUISES the lands
Boiling clouds expel cold rains

And Calm is stricken with FEAR.  

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