Thursday, October 27, 2016

Golf Gypsy: Darn Good and Funny

Art Linkletter understood that Kids Say the Darndest Things, but he didn't know that golfer's also say the darndest things, too. 'Fore' instance, the term UBE is often used when one hits and "ugly but effective" shot in golf. We've all hit that shot and laughed about it! One of my old standby slang terms is when I can humbly say "That's a BIPLI!" Translated it means Ball in Pocket, Lost Interest.  I recently reported a BIPLI on a par 3 when I hit my tee shot into the gunch (lost it), my next shot into a bunker, skulled it out of the bunker over the green into the tall grass, nailed it back over the green, and then chunk chipped it. Still not on the green, I picked up my ball, and placed it in my pocket. Then said with a growl, "That's a BIPLI."  

Another explanation women occasional utter is, "Give me a Snowbitch." I howled the first time I heard that term, and my imagination went wild. I could see that hand drawn figure on a scorecard with eyelashes and a smile looking at me and laughing.  I came home and immediately drew my version of a snowbitch "8."

Keeping my mind focused on golf and not my "to do" list is difficult, so I learned years ago that singing softly to myself keeps my rhythm and control of my brain. One evening in a couples event, I was quite surprised to hear a man say, "Ha, that's Linda Ronstadt shot." I studied the moment then inquired. "That shot just 'Blue By You'" he explained. A moment of laughter is always appreciated. Every time my head sings Blue Bayou I think of that shot, and swing with purpose.  

The newest humorous line added to my vocabulary and to help lighten the day or the moment is, "Got your Bitch Wings Showing?"  It's the act of a person standing staring while placing one or both hands
on the hips.  Now that's a pose I've seen before, with and without smiles to adore the moment.  

The next time you notice a pose like this I hope you laugh, and remember to play faster, "while we are young at heart.*"

*Thank you Arnie.  

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