Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Last Rose is Fading

Our Last Red Rose is Fading

Our little Rose grew strong and resilient
          ~in the Oklahoma Red clay

In times of drought she took in less

          ~her roots held strong

Her petals danced to the strings 
          ~of the fiddle 

Her strong canes rhythmically moved 
           ~over the piano keys

Like a butterfly born to fly
          ~music lifted her face to the sunshine

Our Last Red Rose is Fading

Her trunk once green and strong stands
     ~now brown and broken

Her vibrant red  buds and blooms bend
     ~ downward toward the earth

Some years she barely survived, 
          ~now she is weary

Watching her wilt day by day
     ~we struggle

Then a bud appears out of no hope
     ~a smile radiates across her face

There is Hope

This rose without a thorn
     ~is a rare beauty

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