Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Where the Sidewalk Ends....

Early this morning, Lucy and I took off to walk to the other side of the Hidden Hill, and once again I caught myself, eyes glued to the sidewalks, wishing I could see the horizon; wishing there not endless hot steamy streets, sidewalks, and concrete curbs wherever my eyes searched.

I passed a favorite yard that always seems to have something in bloom. I stopped and collected my thoughts. 

Noticing the trees bending and swaying; birds fluttering and chirping; flowers blooming is one reason I walk, so why, I asked myself, am I so miserable and disgruntled with my concrete surroundings? 

The lanky daisies brushed my leg like a gentle fairy's touch, and my mood improved immediately. I smiled and decided to walk a new path to the other side of the hill where I could view the horizon.  The weight of wishes that bore me down lifted the faster I walked toward the horizon. 

When I came to the place where the sidewalk ended, I laughed. I stopped to give Lucy a drink of water. My eyes scanned the surroundings and I wondered how Shel Silverstein could possibly have written such delightful poems while surrounded by a concrete city (poem). The more I mused on the subject, the more I realized that it's not the concrete that binds me, but my own selfish wishes.  

Suddenly, I relished in relief...a new perspective opened my mind's eyes. 

The nearly hidden window on a home built on a busy
corner intrigued me. As if the home wished to be elsewhere in time and place, I felt myself drawn to whisperings of the ivy covered lot. I listened.

Lucy had no patience for the secrets of the home. With some effort she led me away down a hill, on a sidewalk where I could cast my eyes out across the horizon. 

Slowing my breath, and with the help of my imagination I could see past the homes, visualize the horse farms in the distance, and feel the freedom of space.  At last I understood: ignoring the rooftops, the streets, the pavement allowed me to relax.  

Thanks to Lucy and Shel Silverstein, I found the place "Where the Sidewalk Ends," and my
imagination begins.


  1. Thank you for thinking of me! I enjoyed it!! It is incredible how a change in the way we think can change our attitudes! db

  2. I enjoyed reading this. dnl

  3. OMG, what a nice piece. Thank you so much for your wonderful writing. It inspired me to go walk myself today. I just returned to Ft. Smith from California where the sun was bright, the days were warm and the nights were cool. I'm having a very difficult time adjusting to life in Arkansas. I guess I never really adapted here and it's been 30 years. I still miss Oklahoma. Thank you for helping me realize the beauty that surrounds me. Anne

  4. Letty, I always enjoy reading your blog. ppa

  5. I recently searched the internet for places to hike and walk in and near Tulsa. Like your blog, I ant to take my time and be observant to what is on the walking paths. Your writings always inspire me. asd

  6. Very much enjoyed reading this!!! bww

  7. I agree, looking at horizons can change your perception of life around you. I like how you have used the sidewalk to show us your new path.