Friday, June 3, 2016


Raindrops keep falling on my head,
No matter what I do the drearies invade my privacy.

Lucy, too, is anxious to be outside running and sniffing.
Her exuberant nudge against my elbow sends my fingers across the keys, carelessly.

I laugh, "Oh, Miss Lucy, let's go for a walk. You do the sniffing, and
I'll eavesdrop on the colorful gardens we pass." 

She knows better than I that it's not the time to write 
when the drearies get a grip on my head.

"So I need a little PiCk Me uP?" I said to my dog.
She grins and wags her tail.

The walk took us around the park and right up a neighborhood Starbucks.
The Chai Tea Latte and blueberry muffin jolted me awake.

I googled "laughter", thinking I'd find a YouTube video of a baby laughing.
Instead, I discovered Yoga Laughter.  

Yoga Laughter (link to the video) 

I skipped through various videoes laughing quietly and shaking my shoulders,
ignoring the people and the clouds. 

Funny baby giggles

The cold rain came out of the clouds hiding behind the red brick building.
People scattered and ran for shelter. I protected by phone and finished my tea.

And Laughed out Loud.

The splendid walk home soaked me to the bone,
and all I could do was laugh.  

Perhaps not the most gentle of PiCk Me UPs,
but a cold fresh air walk in the rain truly clears the mind.

Cats, dogs, and babies make me giggle

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