Thursday, May 12, 2016

The "N" in Spring -- Nature

Nature renders her beauty in four distinct seasons
 Contrasting seasons capture my imagination

WatchiNg browns turn to greens
  Lifeless trees becoming ballerinas dancing in the air

SensiNg the nesting and sleeping of burrowing animals
  Then seeing them buzz, birth, and scurry with life

SailiNg winds swaying across the prairie
  Rippling through grassy fields

BuildiNg clouds cumulate into voluminous balloons
  Drenching gardens and filling streams with gushing waters

ListeNing to the early morning chirping of the robins
  And the mimicking of mockingbirds flittering on the fences

SayiNg goodbye to  Dark Eyed Juncos, tiny Pine Siskins, and Cedar Waxwings

  While welcoming back the Orioles, Kingbirds, and protective Mississippi Kites 

SittiNg still watching a Hummingbird jet through the air
  Like a fairy waving her wand casting a spell of beauty

PlaciNg my nose in the middle of a rose
  Only to discover the sweetness of my childhood memories missing

StandiNg outside in light cotton clothes
  SmelliNg the golden sweetness of honeysuckle, wedding ring spiria,  and freshly  cut grass

Nature gives us spring to smile. 

Doves in Love dance in spring.

*Thank you Carol Torpey for sharing your detailed photos of the Cedar Waxwings and Hummingbird.


  1. Wonderful pictures from nature. nv

  2. Letty, so true. I love to watch the Turtle Doves doing the mating dance. We have some new squirrels, too. My husband feeds the birds and squirrels everyday then goes into the house in his game room and watches them come and eat. He always refills the bird bath, too. Some drink, some take baths. jr