Saturday, April 9, 2016

Unfocused Fun

LPGA Pro Mickey Wright, PGA Pro Johnie Stapp
1958 MGCC
When I was young and learning how to play golf, I stressed my father's patience so much that he nicknamed me Tizzy.  As long as he could see that I was learning my name was Letty, but of course, the tonality changed with the teaching moment. When he reached that point of total frustration with my actions, inactions, or total lack of focus, he'd take off his hat, scratch his scalp and mumble Tizzy. Then he managed to laugh a little, and crack the tension of the moment. I always knew when he called me Tizzy that he was in a state of great frustration. 

Perhaps he knew I'd never be a championship golfer because of my lack of focus, but he never gave up and although my focus still drifts, I did learn to persevere.  

I think he'd like to know that my mind, imagination, travels, and golf have taken me some interesting places. Since I have the pictures to prove it, that tells you that perhaps I wasn't focused on golf while I was busy looking at trees, at oceans, at mountains, at bobcats, at birds, and at anything other than my next shot. 

A few years ago the Bighorn Sheep were eating the grasses near a green at PGA West.  I guess I finished putting before slowly creeping toward the bighorn in hopes of catching a photo. We were all three in awe of his majestic body, and skillful steps as he turned and sauntered straight up the mountainside away from us.

Most often I find trees, bushes, and flowers to capture my attention,

but sometimes those elusive animals allow me time to click; like the herd of Javelina's  at The Gallery in Marana, Az. 

Then other times my playing partners just can't resist a good shot.

Focused or unfocused a day outside with nature is truly a blessing for me.  

Since I'm waiting on warmer days to play some golf, I'm writing each morning this month. Perhaps you'd like to click on the link to Oklahoma Women Bloggers -- Blogger of the Month and read my stories on "Imagination." 


  1. Wonderful pictures and memories. pw

  2. i so enjoyed this story. thanks. mr

  3. Thanks, Letty, for your writing about focus and what draws your attention away -- many interesting things. I love the bent palm trees! If you had been focused only on your golf, how much would you have missed? (Your dad sounds like a special person.)

    1. Thank you Martha. My dad was a special person to many many people, and he would appreciate my enjoyment of nature. I think playing golf is my way of hiking through the world, but with many friends and new acquaintances.