Sunday, March 6, 2016

Postcards From the Road

What fun to travel the highways across our nation.  Since retirement, the wheels of Jack's pickup have driven through many states on interstate highways and the lesser more colorful roads of America. I'm happy to drive most anywhere, but my old crooked back prefers to fly.

No argument here, we were hungry and found the perfect place.

A place to sleep in Santa Fe brought a warm sunrise and color all around. 

Jack often reminds me, "We can't stop everywhere." 
"But I may not come this way again," I meekly argue.  We may miss a few museums and noted sites, but we store plenty of memories with stops like these.

If you are driving too fast on I-10 in Arizona, you will miss Texas Canyon.  It is a natural hiccup of nature that created

these massive boulders. Rather than a full volcanic eruption it merely bubbled, causing the Little Dragoon Mountains to fold and fault.

We passed right through it before I could get a camera shot, so on the return trip we made a point of stopping, walking, touching, and remembering this unique site. 

 I only wish we had packed a sack lunch. 
Perhaps the hand of God? 

Or is this Hans Solo in the Empire Strikes Back?

When the magma cooled it crystallized into quartz monzonite.  Because it cools slowly monzonite like granite forms much larger quartz crystals that are easy to see. I imagined I was touching the belly of earth when I rubbed my fingers along these stones. 

Nature's balancing act. 

Like Mother Nature, our lives are a balancing act.  It's always refreshing to travel, to visit new places, to meet up with friends, and discover quaint beauties created by God or by the hand of man, but home is where the barking dancing dog greets us with unconditional love.  And family breathes a sigh of relief. 

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  1. Very nice Letty. Gayle and I are looking forward to some traveling soon, too. Excited about that. cs