Sunday, January 24, 2016

Passion, from the Heart

A few weeks I wrote a blog called "Goals from the Heart" which awakened something deep within me. I still can't name it, but I think it must have something to do with passion in our lives. Ideas sometimes strike me like a tree branch slapping me in the face when I'm walking and dreaming, not watching and walking.

Sometimes we call these moments serendipity, which I think is a delightful explanation. Perhaps that's how I find things that I'm not searching for, or perhaps these words, "from the heart" are chasing me.

Recently, I listened to a TED talk by Isabel Allende called Tales of Passion. Isabel Allende: Tales of Passion  Her words, "Heart is what drives us and determines our fate." caused me to ask, "What is my passion? Where is my heart leading me?  Do I have the drive or the hunger to complete my goals?  Her words hit a cord, and I flashed back to a movie called "Joy." 

What are you passionate about today?

In the movie, JOY,  actress Jennifer Lawrence, presents a powerful character in her representation of Joy Mangano, inventor and entrepreneur. The life choices portrayed on screen and in Joy's real life vividly define words like perseverance, passion, and determination.  
One of Joy's many Inventions. How many do you own?

Joy Mangano writes on her website,  "I guess I've always wondered why the ordinary things in life need to remain ordinary? For as long as I can remember, I've had ideas, dreams for new ways to design something better.  More color, more style, more function. ...Here's my little secret.  This isn't work, it's my passion, and that is how I find joy." Finding Joy

from the heart...
My mind circles around faster than I can create a story, in fact, too fast sometimes. When this happens I often ask for guidance from above. Ironically, even the Lord sends helps through souls who've asked and answered this question. Georgia O'Keefe walked right into my mind shaking her head, "I gave up everything to be a painter. I focused on my heart. Is that what you want?" 

I smiled thinking, No, I'm not willing to give up everything, so I'll just enjoy the moments passionately....

When did you last follow your heart?

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