Friday, August 21, 2015

Full Circle

Golf a four letter word.
A few weeks ago my friend, Leah Jackson, and I went out for dinner.  There in her car was a large lavender marble painted gift sack stuffed with colorful tissue paper. Before we pulled out of the drive way Leah said, "This is a Susi Gift for you." Where upon she added, "Open it now before we leave."  

I queried her about a Susi gift, and she said, "It is an old Southern tradition.  Simply a gift for a friend..."

With happy hands and a smiling face I carefully pulled out the colorful papers to find this photo framed and staring at me.  I laughed, "Golly, Leah my parents used to have a picture like this hanging in the den.  I haven't seen it in years, but I love it.  Where ever did you find it?"  

With sparkles in her eyes she said, "Turn it over."  There on the back of the wooden framed picture were my father's words and my mother's words, in their handwriting, and dated.  Before I could speak I cried, and even cry now with tears of happiness as I relate this tale.  

A gift returned forty years later.

In dad's handwriting it reads, Oct. 1975.
In mother's handwriting it reads, 

To Jack and Norma ___
      The number one couple of the Miami Country Club.  
      May the worst thing in your lives be a single bogey.

  Johnie and Helen Stapp

Leah married Scotty Jackson, son of Doc and Norma Lou Jackson from Miami, Oklahoma.  As the years passed we attended the funerals for Norma Lou, Doc, and many of our Miami friends. Then nearly two years ago Scott Jackson died, leaving Leah and her two children.  We moved back to Norman shortly after Scott's death, and Leah and I have become dear friends.  Leah and Scott cherished this photo after his parents died, and now Leah has given the photo back.

We both cried and hugged that evening before we even left for dinner.  It's not often life blesses you with friends like Leah and the Jackson family.  

The old cherished picture has a new place in our home, right where we can see it every day after a game of golf, after running errands, after spending time with family and friends; it is there to greet us, and remind us to laugh.  

May the worst thing in your lives be a single bogey, dear friends.  


  1. Great story. Love pictures with meaning. I have them hanging all over my house and no one knows what they mean to me but me. I need more wall space! I totally enjoy all of them everyday. pmf

  2. Love the story. And glad you have back a great memory and an artifact. rj

  3. Thank you Letty for sharing your writing. So often when life has beaten me down, I 'm surprised by a Literally Letty sitting in my e-mail box. They always seem to put a smile on my face. THANKS. dd

  4. Loved the story about the picture. ... Thinking of ways I can "Pay it forward" to bring that much joy to others! it can be so simple to "make someones day" Just think???????? bonnie n max

  5. I cried too, Letty--sweet sweet story!! A sushi gift--hmmmm. mb

  6. i love this story, Letty. kw

  7. A "susi" is a surprise gift. It is just because the giver wants the receiver to have something. It is not for a birthday or Christmas. Letty, susi was the best kind--a gift of precious memories. DG--Carolyn

  8. What a thoughtful act!

    Patty. -I remember that picture too. pwm