Friday, April 10, 2015

Family Faces

Jeannie, Corey, Jonya, Katy, Jack.
Easter Eggs at our house. 
Last year Easter was our first celebration in our new home, and the adults searched for eggs, or in our case dozens of colored golf balls, in our brown barren backyard.  We laughed and learned just how competitive we can be, even as adults. Tee hee hee!

A year has flown by since the move. Jack and I knew in our hearts how hard it would be to leave our dearest friends in Kansas, oh so right we were, but in the end we knew why we came home:

To celebrate life with family...
Two generations of Watt cousins
Mr. and Mrs.  Phillip Lee

Mother of the Bride, Jeannette Watt

To open our home to sisters, brothers, nephew, nieces, cousins, friends, and more....

Seeking shelter Letty and Mike

A shower moment with Elizabeth and Vanessa

To spend time with those we love...

Jonya and Ann
Melissa and mom, Jeanne

To witness the generations

Great Grandma Alleen, and the twins.

To create memories for the future...

Grandson Isaac with cousins, cousins, cousins   

To keep family traditions...
Cribbage in the kitchen (for you Papa Watt).

Relaxing while the children play... Emily, Gregg, Mike
And to give thanks to God for his Love and Blessings on those we Love...


  1. Lovely post, Letty. Thank you for your inspirating thoughts about life!

    1. Thank you Martha. We have certainly noticed the changes in our lifestyle with family surrounding us, and we are happy, although much less productive. Imagine that.