Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Anna's Angel


Somethings are worth saving.  Somethings, no matter how small continue to share their meaning, a piece of someone's heart, or a thought filled moment in our lives.  For eighteen years this angel has adorned our home, even during the heat of summer, she smiles down upon us.

Eighteen years ago I said good-bye to a school district that had accepted me, trained me, guided my creative spirit, and filled me with confidence for which I say thank you to Norman, OK Public Schools.  The school year of 95-96 I  transferred from Jefferson to Truman Elementary, not realizing that my husband would soon be moving me to Hutchinson, Kansas.  In a matter of months those children and teachers had made a difference in my life, and I cried when I said good-bye.  One young girl in a 5th grade class walked into the library and handed me a paper sack with a gift inside.  "This is for you Mrs. Watt.  I made it for you, so you wouldn't forget me."

Tears filled my eyes, my throat, and my heart rendering me nearly speechless.  No matter what, there are times,  many times, when hugs are important.  So Anna and I hugged, smiled, and hugged again.  Then I picked up the nearly flat brown paper bag and asked if I could open it then.  Anna beamed and nodded her head yes.

Slowly, I opened the bag, reached in and pulled out a handmade angel.  "I made it out of wallpaper in the colors you like, and she smiles just like you."  Anna's voice proudly proclaimed.   Even now the tears stream down my cheeks when I remember that moment.

"Thank you Anna.  Thank you." I replied sniffling by now.  Wanting to act like I was in control I continued, "How did you know I liked these colors?"

"You wear these colors in your clothes and jewelry all the time, and they are my favorites, too."  Like an angel Anna stood there smiling.  Her tall slender frame, blonde curly hair, and quiet shy blue grey eyes watched me that day, and everyday since then.

Anna's angel will always remind me of what pure unconditional love feels like.  My Christmas prayer for you, my readers, for everyone is to experience and to know the feeling of unconditional love.


  1. Letty....very touching. It brought back fond memories of all the children I taught over the years. They were a blessing in my life too. Jf

  2. Lovely-made tears come to my eyes! ss

  3. Wonderful, Letty! I always think of my personal children & my other children! Happy New Year! mb