Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Visual Treats and Trickery

There is no sun-shining in my windows today 
even though they are open to the weather and whatever blows our way.

Misty grey skies dull a simple snapshot,
but not my memory of a few days past
when trees bloomed on our city streets
showing more fire power than the mums

A few trees away from my window today
a golden orange burst of color glows
between trees of yellow and green, 
like a fireworks display exploding
then stilled and captured on film.

The formula for nature's fall gown
of intense and glowing colors--
simply, sunny days,
cool nights,
and frequent rains. 

Can you find the heart at the center of the tree?  

During the night the vibrant colors began falling
creating circles of colors on the green grass below like a cup with a matching saucer.
No wind to disturb or break the rare sight.

Sometimes the sun and shadows 
play tricks like children at

Our senses are keen, one with her nose to the ground
and the other with her eyes on the sky.
Sudden halts ring the alarm that a
squirrel past this way,
while frozen points
may find a deer not far away.  

Can you name this Halloween tricker?


  1. Beautiful and fun photos, Letty. We haven't had sun the last couple of days,

  2. I think it's Lucy. Aren’t the trees this year just glorious?! I think the past few years of drought made the leaves just turn brown and fall off. This year, with the rain we have had throughout the whole year has made the colors so beautiful this fall.

  3. Yes, the shadow is of our Lucy dog. I was so surprised when I looked down and saw the shadow shape, and was thrilled that my camera took such a great little shot of the moment.