Monday, July 15, 2013

50 Shades of Green

Fifty shades of green outside my door.
Sometimes a cool July rainstorm slows down my body and gives me permission to sit, to relax, to reflect, and to enjoy every aspect of nature surrounding me.
Cone flowers and fall mums.

Clusters of color dance in the sun taking center stage while the greens act as backdrop.

Cloudy days shade the greens.
Red Sky Ranch GC with greens and shadows.

 Mountain greens seem grayer or bluer because of  the skies.

View of #2 from #6 tee box in June when the Yucca blooms.

Like Peter Rabbit's mother, I often need to feast my eyes on green. When not in the garden feasting I'm on the golf course meandering down the green fairways, but  I do love to putt...on those greens.

Fifty shades indeed, and that's not counting all of the shades and colors we miss every day.  This is my bouquet of green, so please treat your eyes and find another 50 shades of green that make you grin.
Purple iris of spring nested in the evergreen.

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