Monday, May 13, 2013

Readings and Greetings: Miss Julia to the Rescue by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia makes me giggle and laugh at some of the stunts she pulls, and even better yet, she is beyond middle age.  How refreshing and elevating to meet a cast of characters who come to life with every page and each new book.  Perhaps I've taken such delight with Miss Julia because she can't sit still for a minute, and if there's something that can be done to help a neighbor, her socialite friends, or her community she will step up and do her best to "come to the rescue",  "stir up trouble", "deliver the goods", "paint the town", "stand her ground," "hit the road," and sometimes she "meets her match" or "speaks her mind."  These are just a few of the Miss Julia titles that express the energy, devotion, and inquisitive attitude of this lady.

The death of her first husband of 44 years, Wesley Lloyd Springer, leaves Miss Julia with enough money to support her home in style, but it also left her with his a son born out of wedlock to Mr. Springer's romance at the time, Hazel Marie.  Rather than a mopey sad bitter woman over her husband's secret lifestyle, we have Miss Julia who  takes action to make life good and respectable for Hazel Marie and her illegitimate son, Lloyd.  Thanks to Miss Julia's forgiving abilities and the need to set things right for poor Lloyd, he and his mother become part of Miss Julia's household and family.  Over the next seven years Miss Julia, Hazel Marie, Lillian, and a cast of characters create hilarious
events such as stealing a clock tower off a courthouse about to be demolished; rescuing J.D. Pickens, a private eye, from a hospital where he is being detained as John Doe; saving a young carpenter from the clutches of a tattooed cult; attending a church of praise, deliverance, and snake handlers; halting the development of a church theme park that's gone awry; being there in time to bring twins into this world; and making the decision to marry again.

Luckily, there is no way to define this genre because Miss Julia knows no limits.  The result is humor, mystery, drama, delicious southern gossip, strong women, colorful characters, and a continuing plot.  This is also one series I can highly recommend listening to the audio version, because the women selected to read these stories give the listener a real sense of the southern voice, and that only adds to the personal humor.  Enjoy.

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