Monday, December 17, 2012

You're Never too Old....

The busy beaver stayed on task while we relaxed.
You're never to old to enjoy a lunch break at the Zoo, and to have a refreshing reprieve from the work a day world.  Jack and I took just such a break one warm winter day recently, and we were delightfully surprised.  The animals were as happy and relaxed with the weather as we were.  We wondered past the deer and the antelope as they lazily lay in the sun, and watched a wild turkey canvas his area.

The birds were sunning themselves on limbs high above and paid no attention to the tiny gallery.  The American Eagle perched out of camera lense but not out of my sight.  He has a striking pose worth viewing up close.  The barrier-free aviary is home to many other birds as well.

Great Horned Owl
Yuka's art over the aquarium.
 We wondered into the wild habitat building and were greeted by a colorful collage of paintings above the animal habitats.  Yuka Danshita designed these paintings and donated her time and energy to the Zoo, so we could all enjoy scenes.  Look for her rain forests and desert scenes, as well.   I must say the chirping monkeys were busy that day creating mayhem,    It sounded like a kindergarten room without a teacher to oversee them, while the lowly turtles were enjoying an afternoon delight.  We laughed.

 Burrowing Owl focused on us.
As we wondered about we were amazed at the number of animals living at the zoo and at the extend of activity and things to see and do.   A small Burrowing Owl stared me down as we were walking out.  He didn't move while I took his picture.

Why had we not visited it before?
A Wise Old Owl hooted that I should find gifts for kids here.
Christmas trees decorated by area children lined the walk way near the gift shop and entrance.  Then a distant "hoot" sent me a bright idea.  Since it was nearly Christmas would the gift shop have any unique items for me to buy for our family.  Indeed they did.

How many of you have taken a lunch break to visit the zoo or gone after work for a stroll around the park?  It is a peaceful place where one could relax and return to work refreshed.  In less than 10 minutes from downtown you could be opening a car door and stepping into another world.  The Zoo is open daily.  Call for hours: 620.694.2693 or check out <>

Tell me what zoos are in your area and when you last took a stroll through a park.

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