Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beauty Contest -- Henbit

I recently entered a writing contest for fun, and to challenge myself to see what I could write in 100 words or less.  Perhaps I didn't create all of the elements of a story, but I had fun with words and pictures in my imagination and for me that's what writing is about.

Lindsay Lohan weeds.
Her roots run shallow and plant themselves wherever they can.  Her wild purple blooms fill yards, fields, and gardens with unwelcome beauty.  Like a mint that could be refreshing instead becomes overpowering and invasive.  She grows where she's not wanted causing distress for the gardeners who so patiently dig and pull year after year only to have her return.  Yard treatment seems to have little effect as the winds of spring and summer plant her seeds wherever they find ready soil.  The master gardener knows her as Henbit, but I call her my "Lindsay Lohan Weeds."


  1. Thank you for sharing these with me. I loved the stories about spring and the
    "flowers" AH

  2. WOW, I went to you site. How fun. I smiled, thank you. It was nice reading
    break on a Wednesday afternoon. JR

  3. OHHHH!!! THAT'S what that stuff is... Totally get it now. I will also start
    calling it the LiLo Grass (out there, it's the closest thing we have to grass!)

  4. We love your Lindsay Lohan weeds ! KR