Friday, November 11, 2011


Leaf Fall.
As the light mist floated up from the hot tub this morning, I breathed in the healing moisture, smiling and licking the wetness off my lips.  The sun played hide and seek with me from behind the barren tree limbs, while colors changed from dull muted browns to glistening golds and waxing greens before my very eyes, when the sun set its mind to glowing.   I think it was the warmth of the water that set me at ease; I felt composed of a light airiness.  Today like so many I simply floated around in the water, calmly; not turning on the bubbles, listening; not stretching my aching muscles, watching.  Perhaps I'm more relaxed on the days when the winds are calm and gentle.  

A leaf lingered in the air above me, hesitating before dropping into the water.  One by one the leaves fell this morning, and I was there to watch, to listen:  for the sound as one drifted into the water;  when one skidded on the frozen grass still green with hope;  when several leaves layered together awaiting a gust of wind.  I was too early for the birds and their swooping, chirping, pulsating early morning flights.   I was there for the leaves.

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