Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golf Gypsy Recipe

How to Shoot a 58
(A Golf Gypsy Recipe)

Mix together the following ingredients:
4 amiable and competitive women golfers
1-2 dozen golf balls for cutting corners
16 mulligans
2 long ball hitters
2 target golfers
4 putters
1 golf course to host a scramble for women
Before teeing off: apply sunscreen to exposed areas; biofreeze to stiff muscles; assemble snacks and drinks to be shared throughout the round.
Set temperature at 85-95 degrees with winds 5-10mph.
Select (if possible) a respectable golf course with a knowledgeable greens superintendent.
While playing the 18 required holes make sure teamwork is a priority and that high 5’s are shared for every great shot. Be sure to applaud and laugh out loud to ease any tension caused by a teammate who goes for it but misses a great shot. Remember that pars make you proud; birdies lift the spirits, while a pair of eagles might take you to the winners circle. Above all enjoy every brief moment with friends and walk away after sharing hugs.
Jayne, Terri, Letty, and Peggy at Southwind GC.


  1. Don't forget the 18 "cups"! Or alternate method of shooting 58 (not recommended)just play 15 or 16 holes and quit.

  2. I didn't even think about the "cups." Guess I could have added 18 cups of enthusiasm, or something like that.