Sunday, May 15, 2011

Internet Terror!

While typing my latest story my computer shutdown! Now, that's usually a trick that my mind does when I least expect it. One seemingly innocent hot flash can shut me down and leave me wondering what I was thinking. Since my computer skills are minute I tend to panic when my screen disappears, especially when I can't even run McAfee protection. So rather than writing, posting, and adding pictures to my weekly story I went into panic mode and nothing was gained.

An hour with cox communications showed that I, my computer, had the problem. With no skills at computer problem solving I lugged it with us on our trip to Norman. My drive to write and post weekly was amazing. I had no idea that writing had become so important to me. Finally, this morning (Sunday) I made my way to Panera Bread in Norman, OK for Internet connections. Once again my heart sobbed as I could connect but bring up nothing. I made all kinds of promises to the computer gods....I promise I will back up my stories nightly, weekly, whatever it takes, if I can just find my stories. I was afraid to open Windows for fear of infecting it with whatever virus my computer had. (I know, go ahead and laugh at my ignorance and fear.) But alas, I do not give up easily, or at all.

Perseverance comes in many shapes and sizes and God gave me an abundance of perseverance. I looked around for a kind person on a computer and walked myself and computer over and pleaded for help. Guess what, a nice man named David was able to help me get into the Internet and blogspot through Google Chrome. Thank heavens for kind, trusting, thoughtful people in this world. I can write and share once again. Tonight or tomorrow I will finish my writings of last Thursday and add my photos. Then once again, I'll be on track for writing my blog.

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