Saturday, February 26, 2011

Desert Palms

From Sunny Southern California ,  

Where the Palms are silhouetted against a rugged mountain border;
Where the Bougainvillea blooms in sharp contrast to the desert turf;
Where the Rainbows of flowers creep along the garden borders.
They call this the desert.

The weatherman calls for sunny skies
Day after day the temperatures rise.
Then clouds appear at the mountain tips
And rains cascades while the wild wind whips
Filling the valley with chilly temps
Running the tourist to the nearest fire pits.
They call this the desert.

The color changes from shades of brown to patches of crayons.
The cactus gains its stature with glamour and drama.
The desert lives in full glory of nature's beauty.
The sun returns to post guard on its kingdom below.
And they call this the desert.

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