Friday, January 7, 2011

The Purple Egg

No, not a purple people eater, even though I can still sing the song, nor a purple haze. Guessing the sky kissed my egg that day.

Sitting in the hot tub on a cold winter morning with the sun glistening on the frozen rooftops I listened and watched in awe as hundreds of geese flew in formation over our tiny space on earth. Their V formations billowed in and out like the prairie grass in a brisk breeze. I sat in awe and then suddenly clamped my mouth shut. I could just imagine that thick white drop from the heavenly skies finding my gaping mouth. How disgusting.

Then just like that I recalled my purple egg breakfast. One warm sunny morning last summer I decided to eat my breakfast outside (always pretending I live in sunny California). I served myself hot tea and a gently poached egg on toast. I carried my tray full of food and condiments to the backporch. The arrangement was spread out and ready for me to sit down and enjoy, when I realized I had no napkin and had left my cell phone in the house. Quickly, with Lucy dog at my heals I ran inside.

My mind, however, wondered ever so briefly to another task. In only minutes I was back outside with cell phone, napkin, peanut butter, and dog biscuits. There is was! A poached purple egg with a sliver of a yellow happy face underneath. I actually stood and studied the situation, noting the trail of fresh purple mulberry droppings across our patio underneath the electrical wires. Tossing my meal wasn't an immediate action since I knew Lucy would follow the food trail and lick up my viands. So I did the only logical thing, I picked up the dishes, returned to the kitchen and started over.

First, I went back outside and washed the table, then moved the patio table and chairs away from the birding wires. After the world was rearranged, I returned to the kitchen and scrambled my eggs, fixed some toast, and brewed some fresh tea. It seemed appropriate that I should serve myself and the birds some blueberries, but alas, the frig was bare of berries. With a tray full of food and necessities in hand I returned once more to the fresh air. While enjoying my meal in the sun I listened to a treeful of UBB's (unidentified brown birds) chirping with laughter.

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